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Welcome to Guichard Solutions.


Africa is well known for its sculptures and masks.  Yet, while African paintings have helped bridge culture between Africa, Europe and Asia, very little has come to the United States, especially from French-speaking Africa.  Guichard Solutions began searching for a means to present the works of young African artists and, through them, offer a glimpse of their countries of origin, believing that art is a mirror of a society.


While we do not limit ourselves, we do specialize in the works of young artists from French-speaking West and Central Africa.  These areas are little known in the United States because of the language barrier, yet they overflow with artistic expressions that capture the soul of the art lover.  In addition, paintings and other unique objects by emerging artists from all parts of sub-Saharan Africa will be featured here.


Three Senegalese painters were featured in a long line of young artists to be presented by Guichard Solutions.  Their introduction to the United States in October 2010 was highly successful.  Two of those painters continue to be represented by Guichard Solutions: Cheikh Tidiane Kéïta and Mahmoud Baba Ly, and we continue to seek out talented young female painters.  In the meantime, we are presenting the works of Turay Mederic, a fantastic young artist from the Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast). Don’t be dismayed if a painting that you admired is no longer available because new works by these artists and others are constantly being added.


It is also important to note that Guichard Solutions is not just a website for the sale of works by young African artists.  Using exhibits, business skills workshops and related exchanges under its “Education through Human Development in the Arts” program, Guichard Solutions helps young African artists to better market their works in their home environments and abroad.  The typical young African artists presented by Guichard Solutions will have broadened their outlooks because of their introduction to the U.S. and the exchange opportunities afforded.


Guichard Solutions fosters artistic, cultural and academic understanding and exchanges between young African artists and their American counterparts.  (See our “exchanges” section). Universities and art schools are welcome to contact us for details on the possibilities of partnering in these cultural exchanges.